Here at Dixon & Co, we do lettings in a different way...

We belive that we should only earn when you, the landlord earns.

You will pay nothing to register with us, nothing for us to advertise and nothing for the process of us helping to prepare your property to let.

With experienced and award winning landlords at the helm, we have the knowledge to advise you on the whole process of investing and letting a property. We pride ourselves in producing some impressive yields and through customer service will allow you to generate more rental income than any comparative agent.

Our services are entirely bespoke but the main options of letting services are:


Find Only:

Your property is advertised to an exceptional standard using wide angle photography, all of the major online portals, high street shop advertising, newspaper and of course, access to our vast database.

Inclusive in this service: Viewings, thorough referencing, inventory, contract and collection and registration of the first month's rent along with setting up of the standing order for the continued rent flow directly to you.

The cost? 50% + VAT of the first months rent collection.


Full Management:

Often a terminology misused by agents. A true full management program is available for a 10% + Vat charge of all rent gathered.

You can expect all of the find only service and in addition, tenant relationship and communication throughout the whole tenancy, not just when things are going wrong. Rent collection, debt collection, management of the whole property - not just the issues the tenant reports. A program of inspections that includes internal and external aspects competed frequently by a professional property consultant. All certificates required by law and those that are recommended are take care of, along with contract renewals, notices and 'check out' procedure. Deposit allocation; including quoting for repairs and completing any necessary works to prepare your property for re-let in a timely manor.

If things should go wrong, we will serve notices and fully evict through the court at no additional charge.

Your tenant will receive a true 24hr service, and out professionals are always at hand to conduct repairs if an emergency should take place.

With more than 400 tenancies running smoothly, you can trust us to take care of your largest asset.